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Facts & Figures

  • Approximately 2,300 children are reported missing each day in the United States, that one child every 40 seconds.
  • On average, over 83,000 people are missing at any given time to include approximately 50,000 missing adults and 30,000 missing children.
  • For children the first 3 hour are especially critical as 76% of children abducted by strangers are killed within that time-frame.
  • Most missing children are abducted by family members which does not ensure their safety.

People of color continue to suffer from systemic racism. This impacts how missing children are investigated, the resources invested in their case, and how their families are supported. We must do better.

  • Nearly 40 percent of missing persons are persons of color, yet, african-americans make up only 13 percent of the population.
  • Thousands of people are reported missing every year in the u.s. and while not every case will get widespread media attention, the coverage of white and minority victims is far from proportionate.
  • The disparity is because
    • A lot of minority children are initially classified as runaways, and as a result do not receive the amber alert.
    • Missing minority adults are labeled as associated with criminal involvement, gangs and drugs.
    • It is believed that missing minorities live in impoverished conditions and crime is a regular part of their lives.

How we’re solving the Problem

  • Private investigators: We hire an investigator to track down leads, review the evidence, and dig deeper than law enforcement often can.
  • Research: We conduct research into the circumstances, talk with the family and friends, and try to look at all aspects of the case.
  • Investing in communities: We try to use our resources to uplift, educate, and empower the communities that we’re working in—always trying to do more.
  • Etc.